The Idea

What does an artist look like? If such a question offers anything, it may be to open up a moment's pause, followed by a rush of contextualised and perhaps contradictory values, of which can be difficult to locate or define.

Open Strings Berlin is a project that gives attention to the plurality of artistic expression within classical guitar music culture – whatever that may look like. Within a society and market that asks for more of the same, Open Strings Berlin is a space for the messy, ordinary, and the human project of authenticity in artistry.

Through Opens Strings Berlin we hope to offer a space for alternate expressions of new and old repertoire and extend, broader and deeper, the aesthetic and thematic possibilities within classical music.

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The Makers

Out of the locality and spirit of Berlin, Open Strings makes roots in a place distanced from the structures of historical and cultural traditions. Nicolas Haumann and Hendrik Schacht are its founders, and live in that eclectic and vibrant city.

What started as Nicolas’s and Hendrik’s means to support the projects of friends and themselves, led to a certain collective and critical attitude towards the classical guitar scene, approach to repertoire, and how artists present themselves and the music to a listening public.

Through directing, filming, and producing cinematic performance films and personal artist interviews, Nicolas and Hendrik worked to embody these ideas into the medium of film and digital media. A genuine and personal approach has gathered artists from across the world – from Germany to Australia – to participate in their share idea towards an inclusive and diverse scene.

It all comes down to the people.

Marcus Engler

Marcus Engler
A wonderful coincidence and the love for juke boxes brought us together.
Marcus brings an incredible creative energy and just the right amount of craziness to the set, has a great hand for special moments and became a close friend!

Myles Oakey

Myles Oakey
We never met anyone else who could turn our thoughts into writing like this. Thanks for translating, Myles!
Besides writing inspiring portraits and stories about music and the people who make it he loves running and recently became a bird watcher

Erik Anton Reinhardt

Erik Anton Reinhardt
Who knew that the 11-year-old guitar student Nicolas taught for 6 years starting 2012 will become this outstanding designer?!
To the question: „Who do you think you are?“ he said: „A human?“

Jürgen Kühn

Jürgen Kühn
This website would look like a joke without this man. Jürgen really is a supporter of the first hour and a friend. He helped us do all of this before most of the world knew about it.
A web designer, a musician and owner of a beautiful bike!