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What we want

Berlin – a cultural melting pot full of creatives, artists and musicians.
The guitar – a sensitive instrument popular in many, but definitely not in all its facets.

One’s place of birth, the other’s adopted home and the origin of Open Strings Berlin.
We are a young film crew in a city that has a lot to offer. Many cultures, people and styles collide, numerous operas and concert houses share a wide audience and there is a multitude of cultural events to choose from every day.
Life is getting faster, the amount of daily information is high and the attention span get’s smaller very easily.

We want to take our time.
Really examine the individual, create room and space for their playing, their instrument and their persona, so you can get to know the artists.

We want more than just to hold a camera.
The idea for every single video evolves from working together with the musician. This leads to a product that shows the artist’s emotions and character more clearly.
If you want to get an even closer view, there’s an interview with every featured artist in which we talk about life, music and what makes them do what they do.

Why do we want all of that?

Being classical guitarists ourselves, we know the day-to-day life as musicians. To give an inside view on art and culture and communicating between artist and audience is very important to us. Due to it’s stylistic flexibility and openness, the guitar is a perfect link for this purpose.

Open Strings Berlin wants to build a platform to appropriately represent young and upcoming musicians so their art can find its way.