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Jerzy Chwastyk

T. Takemitsu
In the Woods


He was born in Wroclaw (Poland), where he began his musical education with Maciej Wislocki and Waldemar Gromolak. From 2006 – 2012 Jerzy studied guitar at the Academy of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar (Germany) under the guidance of Prof. Monika Rost and later Prof. Tomasz Zawierucha. After completing his diploma in music with honors and the top mark in Weimar, Jerzy Chwastyk continued his studies in Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering’s master class at the UdK in Berlin, where he is currently doing a second master degree in contemporary music. Jerzy Chwastyk has won numerous prizes at the national and international competitions for example in Poland (Krynica, Olsztyn, Inowroclaw, Krzyzowa), Portugal (Amarante), Spain (Concurso Sor – Madrid, the prestigious Andres Segovia International Classical Guitar Competitions in La Herradura and Linares), Chile (Concurso Sigall). During his studies he took masterclasses with many renowned artists including Leo Brouwer, Alvaro Pierri, Zoran Dukic, Carlo Marchione, Marco Socias, David Tanenbaum, John Dearman, Joaquin Clerch and Marcin Dylla. He was also awarded the scholarship “Neue Franz Liszt Stiftung Weimar”. He has played concerts in Poland, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Spain. Guitar music of the 20th and 21st century plays an important role in the Jerzy’s work, particularly his preference for the music of Hans Werner Henze, Malcolm Arnold, Leo Brouwer, Toru Takemitsu and Joaquin Rodrigo.